Mad Cooperativet

Mad Cooperativet  - The Food Cooperative

At Mad Cooperativet, you have the opportunity to taste good and healthy food - brought to you by Coop - right in Copenhagen’s Central Station. Buy the food and drinks for your day, get a good cup of coffee in the coffee bar Cirkelpigen or get inspiration for your next meal.

Mad Cooperativet
Hovedbanens Shoppingcenter
Banegårdspladsen 7
1570 København V 

Mad Cooperativet – the very best from all Coop-brands

At Mad Cooperativet, you can find all popular products from the different Coop stores. You can for example buy Änglamark products, which you would normally only be able to purchase at SuperBrugsen and Kvickly. The shop also offers popular products that are being sold at Irma, Kvickly, and Dagli’Brugsen as well as many special goods from Coop - all in the same shop. If you are looking for sandwiches or other dishes that you can take away, here you can find a number of well-tasting dishes made from regionally sourced ingredients.

The shop also is a great source of inspiration for cooking. Every day, Claus Holm and Christian Bitz are creating healthy dishes in TV2’s show Go’ Appetit, which is being broadcasted from Mad Cooperativet’s kitchen right from the shop.

Explore Mad Cooperative and find:

  •        Groceries from the various Coop-stores
  •        Fresh meat-cuts for supper from the butcher
  •        Freshly washed, peeled and cut vegetables
  •       Meyers bread and cakes
  •        Light meals on-the-go
  •        Street kitchen and deli
  •        Coffee-to-go at special prices for member – made with Irma’s blue coffee
  •        Food-inspiration in our live-kitchen
  •        Free water for your water bottle

Mad Cooperativet and Coop Denmark

Coop is the brand behind Irma online supermarked, the stores Fakta, Kvickly, SuperBrugsen, Dagli’Brugsen and the webshop Mad Cooperativet is the first shop of its kind. It combines an offer of the best and most popular goods from all Coop stores with a lot of food-inspiration for every day.  

The vision behind Mad Cooperativet is to spread the love of food. The focus on organic, locally sourced produce and easy solutions for your next meal combined with high ethical standards will provide for a great food experience.

The name Mad Cooperativet (= food cooperative) is linked to Coop’s longstanding tradition and history of cooperative and member-owned stores. We look forward to welcoming you to our shop.

Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday 07:00 – 21:00