The Bagel Co

In 1994, Birthe & Barak, tasted their first bagel in a Manhatten coffee shop. It tasted fantastic! Two years and many bagels later - they founded The bagel and opened The Bagel Co's first store in central Copenhagen K. From that first store, the original Bagel sandwiches, coffee to go and freshly pressed juice were sold to enthusiastic customers. The Bagel Co concept soon became a hit with the unique hold in the middle, that can be personalized with different choices of cream cheese and fresh mouthwatering fillings, transformed into a delicious hot or cold all original Bagel sandwich as experienced in New York.

The Bagel Co
Hovedbanens Shoppingcenter
Banegårdspladsen 7
1570 København V  

Phone: 33 13 33 00



Opening hours:

Monday – Friday06.30 - 17.00
Saturday08.00 - 17.00
Sunday09.00 - 17.00