Upper Crust

Upper Crust delivers traditional baguettes with no added fat or sugar. It is a healthy alternative to conventional sandwiches.

When the bread is sold fresh from the oven with a crispy surface and a soft core, there is no need for preservatives or additives.

The values of the Upper Crust is 'Fresh', 'Immediate', 'Tasty' and 'Straight Forward' - 'IT FITS your needs'. 'Fresh' is supported by the Upper Crusts 3 hours of freshness guarantee;

'Immediate' because Upper Crust is always be at travel locations, have a fast production and you can see what you get;

'Tasty' cross the products, so delicious sandwiches and fillings, good drinks, fresh pastries; 

'Straight Forward' - the products are easy to see, buy and eat.

Upper Crust
Hovedbanens Shoppingcenter
Banegårdspladsen 7
1570 København V

Phone: +45 33917223

Opening hours:

Monday - Sunday:06.00 - 24.00