At 7-Eleven we focus on quality when we put together our assortment. You can always get freshly baked bread, a warm meal on the go or a fresh Green To Go sandwich, but that is not all. We also have a good selection of groceries and service products. We always make sure that we have exciting new products on the shelves that you will not find any other places. 

At the store closest to the Tivoli exit, we have a large selection of flowers, chocolate, books and magazines.

Hovedbanens Shopping Center
Bernstorffsgade 16
DK-1570 København V

Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday 05.00 - 01.00
Friday - Sunday    00.00 - 00.00

Special opening hours:
24. December: 05.00-18.00
25. December: 06.00-02.00
26. December: 05.00-02.00
31. December: 00.00-00.00