Copenhagen Central Station is always filled with people on the go in a lively and busy atmosphere.

We are here for you if you feel hungry on your way home, for breakfast on the go, in need of invigorating hot coffee or your favourite McDonald's menu.

See the updated opening hours here and get in contact with us here: McDonald’s Copenhagen Central Station

Hovedbanens Shopping Center
Bernstorffsgade 16
DK-1570 København V  

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday04.30 - 02.30
Saturday - Sunday00.00 - 00.00


Big Mac®, McNuggets® and all your other favorites

We are known worldwide for our delicious burgers and fries at McDonald’s but we also offer a wide selection of Coinoffers, salads, breakfasts and desserts. See the current campaigns here

At McDonald’s Copenhagen Central Station we serve all the classic burgers you already know, for example:

·        Big Mac ® has been on the menu for several years and spread the love for hamburgers around the world since 1967. Big Mac ® consists of two beef patties of 100% pure beef, special sauce, slightly melted cheddar cheese, salad, minced onions and tangy pickles.

·         Quarter Pounder ® is a hamburger without salad. All our guests with a special taste for cheese have enjoyed this burger since 1972, when it first hit the menu card. The burger consists of a sesame seed bun, mustard, ketchup, sliced onions, tangy pickles, a beef patty of 100% pure beef and last but not at least two slices of slightly melted cheese.

·         McFeast ® This burger is one of the favorites in Denmark. It consists of a juicy beef patty of 100 % beef, a slice of cheese, tomato, pickles, mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise.

·         Chicken McNuggets ® are made from tender, juicy chicken breast in a crisp tempura coating. You can choose between meals with 4, 6, 9 or 20 bites of delicious chicken.

 At McDonald’s we serve only the food and beverages that meet our stringent food safety requirements. You can be certain that our products and menus constantly are going through many comprehensive safety and quality checks. Read more about the quality of our Chicken McNuggets: McNuggets quality check, McNuggets quality check 2,

Do you want to join us at Denmark’s best work place?

3 times in a row McDonald’s has been on the list of best work places in Denmark. The list has been produced by Great Place to Work® and we are proud to be on the list. It’s a result of a focused effort of constantly improving our work environment and offering relevant and attractive education and career opportunities. We want to be a fun and diversified work place. Your development is something we prioritize and we ensure a great working environment. Join us now and read more about our job and education opportunities here. Read more about McDonald’s as Denmark’s best work place in the Danish media:



McDonald’s is the largest chain of burger fast food restaurants in the world and has served hamburgers since 1940. The first McDonald’s restaurants in Denmark opened in 1981 and ever since many more restaurants have been opened. Most restaurants in Denmark are operated by franchise agreements but some are owned and operated by McDonald’s Danmark ApS. McDonald’s serves around 160.000 meals a day in Denmark. Follow McDonald’s on Facebook and YouTube, and find more information about McDonald’s Denmark on our website and