Copenhagen Central Station is a place that most travelers have a relationship with. It is Copenhagen's main central station - in fact all of Denmark's main station and the link for the almost 80,000 travelers who travel to or from Copenhagen every day.

At this central hub you will find the Central Station Shopping Center which offers a variety of goods and services ranging from groceries to personal care products and dining options.

With our large selection we offer all your daily necessities on your way to or from the city.

Welcome to the Central Station Shopping Center

The Central Station Shopping Center is located in the center of Copenhagen at the restored peristyle of the Central Station and houses more than 30 stores, eating places and service facilities. 

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday07.00 - 20.00
Saturday09.00 - 20.00
Sunday10.00 - 20.00

Some stores may have individual opening hours - for more info please see the Stores' menu.